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Be prepared with the right tooling next time you drill in rock

17th Aug 2020

Being prepared to drill in rock with the correct tooling will help maximize your productivity on the job. If you are expecting soft rock, come equipped with a specialty plate bit such as the Vermeer Ace™ bits or Armor bits. Drilling in medium rock? Make sure to pack your Vermeer Armor bits or have a dual rod system – such as a  D23x30DR S3 Navigator® horizontal directional drill (HDD) or a  D40x55DR S3 Navigator HDD. When drilling in hard rock, a dual rod machine can also be a great option, but if you have a conventional horizontal directional drill, it is beneficial to have a mud motor or air hammer. View the chart below to discover which tooling is best for different kinds of rock.

Make sure you use the correct tooling the next time you come across rocky ground conditions. Learn more about rock tooling and your options by visiting or talking to your local HDD specialist.

Infographic depicting the correct Vermeer tooling for drilling in different rock ground conditions