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Volume 8 of the BORESTORE® HDD tooling and accessories catalog is now available

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The latest Borestore HDD tooling and accessories catalog is now available for download. Within this catalog, you'll find the most popular tooling for your Vermeer drills. We’ve got you covered whether you’re looking for drill rods and drill bits, connection options and housing or vise jaws and rod wipers.

View the latest HDD tooling catalog.

If you can't find what you are looking for in this catalog, browse through products or call a local dealer for a comprehensive listing of available tooling and accessories.

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(Photo) This Vermeer Ace™ Pro Extreme bit doesn't have anything left to prove

After over 23,000 feet (7010 m) in tough New Mexico conditions, this 10-month old Ace™ Pro Extreme bit has nothing left to prove and is retiring. We lined it up next to the contractor’s new Ace Pro Extreme bit to show the uniform wear of the carbide buttons that are still intact. That’s less than $0.03/foot for this [...]

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(Video) HDD tooling tips: Using breakout tongs to handle torqued direct connections

Breakout tongs are an invaluable tool on today’s horizontal directional drilling (HDD) jobsites. In this video, Vermeer product specialists share how to use and get the most out of the PBD21500 breakout tongs that have a multitude of uses in the field. Those include breaking and making up drill rod, breaking off both PDC and tricone bits from the [...]

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Strong Dealer Relationships Foster Smart HDD Tooling Management

Answer key questions in effectively managing tooling Efficiency is a major factor for the success of a long-term pipeline job. On the other hand, basic cost may be the biggest variable underlying the viability of a smaller, quicker fiberoptic line installation, for example. Differences like these — as well as the virtually endless combinations of equipment common [...]

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Choosing an Economic HDD Tooling Solution for Utility Bores in Light to Medium Rock and Cobble

Unless your horizontal directional drilling (HDD) crews are working in in tough rock conditions regularly, investing in a dedicated rock drilling solution like a dual rod machine, air hammer or mud motor system may not be the most economical tooling solution for your needs. Instead, you may want to consider equipping your team with a versatile HDD tooling package, like the Vermeer Armor® drilling [...]

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Torquing and Untorquing HDD tooling – The Vermeer PBD11500 Breakout Tongs

Whether making up or breaking out exit pit side tooling or adapters, a set of breakout tongs should be something you carry with you every day to handle torqued direct connections. Torquing and untorquing tooling can be a labor-intensive job, sometimes requiring multiple people — and with some methods, it’s difficult to determine if the proper torque has been achieved.Understanding [...]

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Vermeer and Mincon Announce Distribution Agreement

Expanded access and support for HDD rock tooling PELLA, Iowa, February 15, 2018 - Two of the horizontal directional drilling (HDD) industry's leading equipment and tooling manufacturers, Vermeer Corporation and Mincon Group PLC, have formed a distribution alliance to expand contractors’ access to quality rock tooling worldwide. As part of the [...]

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Extend the life of your drill bits with Vermeer Armor® drilling system rebuild program

The Vermeer Armor® drilling system is popular among horizontal directional drilling (HDD) contractors because of its versatility and rugged design. The rock-focused drilling system uses interchangeable drill bits that can be easily swapped out depending on the ground conditions, helping to eliminate the need to purchase additional housing and tooling.Vermeer also offers the industry-unique Armor system rebuild program that helps [...]

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Directional drill sub saver maintenance and replacement tips

Replacing the sub saver on a horizontal directional drill (HDD) when the threads have become worn is an economical and easy way to help maximize the life of the drill rod and reduce damage on the drive chuck.The condition of the threads on the sub saver is essential because they can leave their imprint on every drill rod in [...]

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QuickFire® connection system offers contractors fast and efficient connections

Have you ever found yourself covered in mud attempting to get the threads of a heavy reamer spun onto the drill string? It can be miserable — 12 to 15 turns of the tool and a lot of attention to detail so you don’t accidentally cross-thread the connection. It's certainly not one of the highlights of working in directional [...]

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