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10-in Fluted Reamer - Shark Teeth 2.375-in API Reg Box x Eye

91.00 LBS
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The Vermeer 10-in (25.4-cm) fluted reamer is tough, reliable and ready to get your horizontal directional drilling job done for you. œ”Shark Teeth create aggressive cutting action. œ”2.375-in (6-cm) API reg box x eye. œ”Robust thru-shaft design and heat-treated, cast-alloy steel for durability. œ”Built-in swivel minimizes the distance from the directional drill to the product pipe, helping reduce the amount of resistance-causing spoil buildup. œ”Robotically applied, carbide mesh grit hard facing adds longevity. œ”Ideal HDD tooling for rugged ground conditions ranging from hard pan and soft rock to cobble.