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4.5-in Fluted Reamer - Shark Teeth QuickFire® 300 Pin x Eye

31.50 LBS
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The Vermeer 4.5-in (11.4-cm) fluted reamer is tough, reliable and ready to get your horizontal directional drilling job done for you. œ”Shark teeth create aggressive cutting action. œ”QuickFire® 300 pin x eye. œ”Robust throughshaft design and heat-treated, cast-alloy steel for durability.

œ”Welded on fixed pulling eye with a rated capacity of 24,000 lb (10,886.2 kg).

œ”Robotically applied, carbide mesh grit hardfacing adds longevity.

œ”Ideal HDD tooling for rugged ground conditions ranging from hard pan and soft rock to cobble.