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Vermeer QuickLock™ Thread Lock Epoxy

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Vermeer QuickLock™ is a two-part epoxy contained within a convenient 2.3-oz (65.2-g) double-section plastic pack. The catalyst and resin are kept separate until ready to mix within the ‘Ready-Pak’ with almost zero waste (when coating a 13-3/8 in (339.7 mm) connection). Combine the two parts when looking to stabilize your threaded connections between the drive chuck and sub saver of a horizontal directional drill (HDD), and QuickLock will cure in as little as one hour! Gone are the days of waiting overnight or a full 24 hours for your thread lock epoxy to cure. Sub saver changes over lunch are now a real possibility, allowing HDD crews to work efficiently and get back to drilling quickly.
• Convenient packaging for ease of application
• Resists water, solvents and acids
• Can adhere to any clean surface
• Quicker cure time
• Made without zinc
• Features up to a six-year shelf life
• Effective in temperatures of up to 400°F (204°C)