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Ultra X3 325 Lance Pro Bit - 4.25-in (10.8-cm) Cut with Pullback Hook

18.00 LBS
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The Vermeer Ultra X3 drilling system was designed ultra-versatile to deliver value and efficiency in three ways: It offers the ability to swap out tooling quickly without special tools or breakout devices, it can ream directly from the transmitter housing, and it can eliminate starter rods and adapters in certain applications and ground conditions. Additionally, the Ultra X3 drilling system is set up to use a full offering of plate bits and rock tooling, like the Vermeer Gauntlet, Lance Pro and single roller cone bits.

• Unique, non-torque spline connection system.

• Available in three sizes (coming soon!) for drilling rigs up to a 40,000-pound (177.9-kN) drill range.

• Standard API rear connection will also work with quick-connect systems.

• Eliminates the need for starter rods and adapters in select applications.