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12-in (30-cm) Roller Cone Hole Opener IADC 537 9-in (22.9-cm) Stabilizer

296.00 LBS
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✔ Vermeer hole openers feature cutters that are new and purpose-built for this application. You will not find “split bits” (i.e., surplus or rebuilt cutters harvested from tricone pilot bits) on the Vermeer roller cone hole opener lineup.

✔ A special machine-after-weld manufacturing process helps with a proper gauge cut. Mating two machined surfaces (cutter and body) helps with concentricity of the tool, lending to equal loading on the cutters for even wear throughout the tool’s life.

✔ Cutters feature metal-faced seals rather than the conventional rubber O-rings. Like those trusted on the lower rollers of dozer track chains, metal-faced seals help maximize wear life in gritty conditions.

✔ Vermeer design maximizes cone size, helping increase maximum weight on bit and the rate of penetration for optimum penetration.

✔ 8.5-in (21.6-cm) cone x 4

✔ 2.875-in API Reg B x P