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Ultra X3 275 6-in (15-cm) Fluted Reamer x Pull Eye (for use with swivels 296496479 or 296496480)

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The Ultra X3 275 6-in (15-cm) fluted reamer x pull eye can be best used in pullback when the soil is not self-supporting. The fluted design on the reamer compacts the dirt and helps retain the hole for the product to come back through. With the pull eye included as part of the reamer, you can make efficient use of your time by installing product as you ream a 6-in (15-cm) diameter hole.


Equipped with a unique, non-torqued spline connection system, the Vermeer Ultra X3 275 drilling system offers compatibility with a wide range of pilot bit and pullback configurations. The smallest Ultra X3 option, it’s designed for quick tooling changes without breakout devices or special tools.