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Ultra X3 375 12-in (30.5-cm) Fluted Reamer x Pull Eye (for use with swivel 296572439)

141.40 LBS
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The fluted design of the Ultra X3 375 12-in (30.5-cm) fluted reamer x pull eye makes it optimal for use in soil that is not self-supporting. It compacts the dirt to retain the hole for product pull back. With the pull eye included, product pull back and reaming of a 12-in (30-cm) hole can happen simultaneously.
The Ultra X3 375 drill system is the largest of the sizes offered at this time. A non-torqued spline connection system optimizes the time it takes to perform tooling switches — without the need for special tools or breakout devices — and offers compatibility with a wide range of pilot bits and pullback configurations.