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Ultra X3 375 Housing 3.75-in OD x 2.875-in API Reg (10-cm OD x 7.3-cm API Reg)

75.00 LBS
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As the base unit for all Ultra X3 375 products, the Ultra X3 375 housing is needed to use any of the Ultra X3 375 drill bits and reamers. Appropriate pilot and pullback configurations can connect to the Ultra X3 sideload housing. Ream directly from the housing or quickly swap out tooling without using breakout devices or specialty tooling.
The Ultra X3 375 drill system is the largest of the sizes offered at this time. A non-torqued spline connection system optimizes the time it takes to perform tooling switches — without the need for special tools or breakout devices — and offers compatibility with a wide range of pilot bits and pullback configurations.